New Photos Added To The Web Site

I have placed some Photos up on the Web Site from our November 2011 trip to Peru and Ecuador. There are currently two Galleries for your review (Note: I suggest using the Slideshow function – top right-hand side of the applicable Gallery that you are viewing). Please follow this navigation to access them:

* “Current Projects” Portfolio (Note: This Portfolio is a Link on the left-hand side of the Home Page)

* “Peru – November 2011” Gallery (Note: this Gallery contains both overall Photos from Peru, and some of my Machu Picchu images as well)

* “Patterns and Textures – November 2011” Gallery (Note: I will also continue to add to this Gallery. Please see below)

My plan is to have some of the Ecuador/Galapagos Images up on the Web Site (also in a separate Gallery), by the end of February. Then I will add in additional Photos to fill in some of the gaps to both the Peru/Ecuador Galleries by the end of March. I will continue to add in images to the Patterns and Textures Gallery during this time as well.


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